about Seymour Solar


Based at Moss Vale, in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Russell Seymour of Seymour Solar, has been an electrical contractor since 1991, and has been specialising in solar installations since 2005.

The renewable energy market is an exciting, evolving and vibrant industry to be associated with, and we guarantee to keep up to date on all the latest developments, whether it’s to do with components, feed-in tariffs, or solar credits schemes and the rebates that may be available to you.

You can rest assured that we will endeavour to offer you the ultimate in technology.


We service the Southern Highlands, Southern Tablelands, Kangaroo Valley and Shoalhaven.  We can get to places others can’t.


Images clockwise
from left:

Silicon-based solar panel;

Russell Seymour on location beside his solar-service truck;

Russell with solar panels on location at Bullio, west of Mittagong;

Solar panels in the Wollondilly Valley.